About Us

At MOBI, we're committed to bringing products to the marketplace that give you and your family better, smarter choices. If it's not superior to anything on the market, we don't bother to weave it into our story. Depend on us when you need health, wellness, home and on-the-go products that are:

Useful. At MOBI, we're focused above all else on designing and marketing useful products that meet your needs. Our thermometers, nightlights, Bluetooth speakers and other successful creations work for you.

Dependable. Store shelves are packed with goods made around the world to different standards, making it hard for consumers to know which products they can trust. At MOBI, our name is synonymous with excellent materials and precise manufacturing procedures.

Innovative. We don't see any reason to reinvent the wheel, so our team at MOBI only devotes resources to products that are different, better and more useful than those already available. If it isn't innovative, we don't pursue it.

Modern. From our sleek designs to our streamlined, contemporary business and manufacturing practices, we're devoted to doing things the modern, forward-looking way. It means we can do more with less while offering products at a better value than our competitors.

Built On Proven Innovators

MOBI is led by innovators, and the passion for leading-edge excellence starts with founder and CEO David Naghi, who has more than 35 years’ experience in the consumer electronics industry. Before creating MOBI, Naghi was co-founder and vice president of video game peripheral design and marketing company NYKO Technologies. There as with MOBI, his focus was on revolutionary concepts and products, the highest possible design standards and industry firsts. Naghi holds many trademarks and patents in the United States and other countries. He is also an award-winner, recognized by the National Association of Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA), the iParenting Media Awards as well as with the National Parenting Center Award, the JPMA Innovation Award, the Design and Engineering Showcase Award and an Innovations Award from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), formerly CEA. Naghi's passion for unique and innovative products for today's families is the driving force behind MOBI's journey forward. He works closely with a carefully chosen team of industry-leading professionals to design and bring to market the brand's array of successful products.


  • First with the HealthCheck feature in 2016.
  • Never miss a fever check or scheduled medication dose with our exclusive HealthCheck alarm feature with medication reminder, an innovation designed to improve overall health.


  • First with pulse rate monitoring in 2012.
  • Measuring pulse rate as well as temperature can give a more accurate picture of overall health, and that's only possible with MOBI thermometers.


  • First with a flashlight feature in 2008.
  • For talking a temperature without waking up the whole house, our exclusive flashlight feature is invaluable. There's no more fumbling and grumbling.


  • First with a dual-use ear and forehead digital thermometer in 2006.
  • The DualScan Ear & Forehead Digital Thermometer is one thermometer for everyone and can check food and bottle temperature too.


  • First with a portable wireless night light in 2004.
  • The Tykelight Portable Wireless Night Light offered a rainbow of colors, hours of usage from a rechargeable battery and auto-shutoff for total flexibility and convenience.


  • First with a portable color baby monitor in 2003.
  • The MobiCam Digital Video & Audio Monitoring System improved safety and offered peace of mind to a wide range of consumers.