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How do I create a MobiCam account?

Download the MobiCam app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app and tap “Sign Up”. Enter your email address and create a password, then tap “Send code”. You will receive a 6-digit code to your email that expires after 30 minutes. Enter the code into the MobiCam app Sign Up page, then tap “Register”.

How do I reset my password?

The MobiCam app stores your password, and automatically logs you in. If you would like to view your password, please open the MobiCam app and you will be logged in automatically. Tap the "Profile" button at the bottom of the "IP Camera" page (It is on the right, and looks like a person in a circle). Tap "Log Out" and then "Ok". You will be redirected to the Login page. Here you should see your email, and black dots indicating your password. To the right of the black dots there is an icon of a closed eye. If you tap on this icon, your password will now show. If you are still unable to find your password, please follow these steps to reset your password, open the MobiCam app and tap “Forget password?”. Enter the email linked with your MobiCam app account & select “Reset password”. Tap “Send code”. Retrieve code from email (Check junk and spam folders if you do not see the code email). Enter code and select "Next".

I do not have a username/ID, what do I do?

Your email address registered for the MobiCam app is your Username/ID.

How do I create a Sub-Account?

A Sub-account is made the same way a regular MobiCam account is made.

How do I add a Sub-Account User to view my MobiCam?

First, have the sub-account user create their own MobiCam account, and then in your MobiCam app, sign in and tap "Settings" underneath your MobiCam's video feed. Tap "Sub-account management" and enter your password. Tap "Add" and type the email of the user you wish to authorize viewing of your MobiCam video and select "Add" when complete. Once the sub-account user is added, they will see your MobiCam appear in their account. There is no need to re-pair the MobiCam.

I cannot hear the sound wave when I send it from my phone; what do I do?

Be sure your phone media and playback volumes are turned up loud enough for MobiCam to hear. For Android uses, ensure the “Media” and “System” volumes are on. For iPhone users, ensure the silence switch on the left side of your phone is not on.

How do I add a camera to my MobiCam account?

Tap on the plus (+) sign in the top left corner once you sign in. You can add up to 16 cameras to one account.

How do I view my live video feed?

Once your MobiCam is paired to your sccount, tap on the stock image to download your live video feed.

How can I play lullabies?

Open your MobiCam’s live video feed, then tap on the icon with 3 bullet points on the right side beneath your Mobicam video feed to select a song. Tap the play button on the left side to start the lullaby. The stop button is located to the right of the play button. Next to the right is repeat, which will make the song you chose repeat. The next icon to the right is shuffle, which will make all of the songs on the list shuffle. Lastly, to the right is a timer where you can select if you would like the lullabies to play for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes.

How do I listen to the audio in the room?

Tap on the speaker icon directly beneath your MobiCam video feed.

How can I talk through MobiCam?

Much like a walkie talkie, press and hold the microphone icon in the middle of the page beneath your MobiCam video feed.

How can I view more than one camera at a time?

Open quad-view by tapping the rectangular icon beneath your MobiCam video feed.

How can I record a video clip while viewing my MobiCam video feed or Playback?

Tap on the red circle to begin recording a clip. Tap again to end the recording. The clip will be saved to your MobiCam app Album.

How can I take a snapshot while viewing my MobiCam video feed or Playback?

Tap on the camera icon to take a snapshot of your MobiCam’s video. The snapshot will be saved to your MobiCam app Album.

What is the difference between the live video and the Playback feature?

MobiCam’s live video feed is real-time. The Playback feature is how you are able to view previous video footage that your MobiCam has recorded and stored. A MicroSD card is required to view Playback.

How can I view my MobiCam Playback footage?

You will need to insert a MicroSD card into MobiCam no less than 32GB. MobiCam will begin continuously recording footage n 1-hour increments. To view your Playback, sign in to the MobiCam app and tap “Playback” beneath the still image of your MobiCam. Select a year, month, date, and hour you would like to view and tap “Ok”. You can record clips and take snapshots the same way as when viewing the live video feed.

My live video feed lags/freezes; how do I fix this?

MobiCam offers a full HD 1280 x 720 live video stream. We recommend a minimum of 20 Mbps for Download and 5 Mbps For Upload. Please note; if you have multiple cameras, higher WiFi speeds may be needed. Here is how to test your connection speeds: Open your internet browser, and search “speed test” Select “Run Speed Test” This will first test your download speed, and then your upload speed; and display both results once complete. If your WiFi speeds are lower, for setup relocate as close to your WiFi router as possible. MobiCam can be relocated after establishing the connection. Please note, a weak WiFi signal or connection can cause your MobiCam to lose connection and appear slow to respond or offline at times.

Why does my camera say it’s “Offline”?

Sometimes simply refreshing your IP Camera page within the app can bring your MobiCam back online. See above for WiFi Recommendations and Troubleshooting Tips.

My MobiCam app force closes, freezes and/or glitches; how can I fix this?

See above for WiFi Recommendations and Troubleshooting Tips. If your WiFi is not the issue, sometimes during the download process, applications can download a small bug which can be corrected by uninstalling and reinstalling the MobiCam application.

How can I set up motion detection alerts?

Tap the "Settings" for your MobiCam. Tap "Alarm”, then toggle "Alarm" to On. Toggle "Alarm sound" to On (please be aware, this will activate alarm sound on both your mobile device as well as MobiCam itself.) Set the level of motion sensitivity you would prefer. Tap "Alarm time" and select the desired times you would like to receive these notifications. Make sure the MobiCam app’s notifications are allowed permissions from within your mobile device’s app settings.

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