MobiCam App

Where can i find the mobicam app?

MobiCam App is available for both iOS (version 9.1 or later) on the App Store and for Android ( version 8.1 or later) on the Google Play Store.

my app keeps crashing, how can i fix this?

Force Close your MobiCam App (so that it is no longer running in the background) and attempt to reopen it. If this does not fix the issue, we recommend deleting the application and restarting your mobile device before attempting to reinstall the MobiCam app.

MobiCam App does not show up in google play store on my tablet?

Please double check your tablet’s Android Firmware, the MobiCam App is compatible only with Androids operating on 8.1 or higher.

Why can I not hear any sound in the mobicam app?

Ensure that your mobile device is not on silent and that your media/playback volume is turned up.

i forgot my password, how can i reset it?

In the middle of the Sign In page is a “Forgot Password” option. Enter the email address associated with your account and click “Reset Password”. You will then be taken to the Reset page, click send code. A 6 digit code will be sent to your account email address. Enter the code along with your new password.

how do i refresh the mobicam app?

While on the IP CAMERA page, swipe down on the screen to refresh the page.

how do i continously record using the mobicam app?

For continuous recording, a microSD card must be inserted into MobiCam. No further action within the MobiCam app needs to be taken, MobiCam will automatically begin to record once a microSD in inserted.

how do i set up motion alerts?

Sign into your MobiCam App, and tap settings. Next tap Alarm. Toggle Alarms to ON and set the time period you wish MobiCam to monitor for motion. *Please note MobiCam uses a 24 Hour clock.

I want to add my spouse as a sub-account user

Have your partner download the MobiCam App and create an account. You will need to know the email address they used to create their MobiCam Account in order to add them as a Sub-Accoutn User. Sign into your MobiCam App, and tap settings. Next Tap Sub-Account Management. You will be promoted to enter your password. Sub-Account users may not be added or delete without confirmation of the primary account holder’s password. Once the password has been verified you will be asked to enter the email of the person you wish to add, tap OK. MobiCam will automatically load in their MobiCam App when they sign into their account. *Please note that sub-account users will only be able to view your MobiCam Live Feed, take snapshots, record small videoclip and view playback. They will not be able to make any setting changes. If you have multiple camera, the above steps would need to be repeated for each camera.

how do i get alarm sound to only sound on my mobile device?

Sign into your MobiCam App, and tap settings. Next tap Alarm. Toggle Sound to off. You will now receive only push notification to your Mobile Device. Notification sounds will vary depending on your mobile device settings.

how can i change the timezone?

Sign into your MobiCam App, and tap settings. Next tap Time zone Management. If you need to acknowledge daylight savings, Tap season time settings to set the correct seasonal time frame.

how can a view multiple cameras?

Sign into your MobiCam App, and tap on one of the MobiCam’s you want to view. Underneath the MobiCam Live Feed is a rectangle icon split into 4. Tap this icon to going into quad view. You can view up to 4 additional camera.