MobiCam HDX

CaN mobicam connect to a 5g wifi connection?

Due to 5G’s limited range, MobiCam connects only to a 2G WiFi connection.


Yes, it can – using our App or PC Software you can see and Record live camera feeds

Can i record video and audio?

Yes, the camera provides two recording options for each person with access. User can record on their phone while viewing or external micro SD card expandable up to 32 GB inserted in camera (sold separately).

How much video can be recorded on a 64 GB Micro SD?

Depending on 3 user selected resolutions from 6 to 30 days.

Can i share my snapshots or recordings with anyone else?

Yes, MobiCam provides a function that shares any snapshots or recordings by accessing them through album. Choose the file and click on share, you can choose the platform to share files with.

Can i access my recordings from anywhere?

Yes, the recorded snapshot or video can be accessed from MobiCam APP by clicking on profile icon and the desired album.

Is there a night vision in this camera?

Yes, MobiCam has automatic night vision, allowing you to view up to 40ft in complete darkness.

What happens when the SD card fills up?

The camera automatically will record in a loop manner which deletes the oldest video section to open space for newer recording.

Can i still access/view the camera from outside or away from MY HOME WIFI?

Yes, as long as the phone is connected to internet (Mobile Data or another WIFI).

How many CAMERAS can be connected in the App?

Up to 15 cameras can be connected to the APP.

How can i find the Mobicam APP?

MobiCam APP can be found in both Apple Store or Google Play by searching for “MobiCam”. *Please Note: MobiCam App is only compatible with iOS 9.1 or higher and android 8.1 or higher.

Shall i use my email address as user ID?

Yes, a valid email address is required to sign-up for the first time in the MobiCam APP. The email address needs to be accessed within 1 minute from the time the sign-up request is initiated to use verification code sent in the email.

Can I save my login information?

Yes, the login information can be saved to automatically access the account without having to enter every single time.

I am not able to find my wifi network in range?

Restart your router or turn on & off the WIFI in your phone and try again.

I do not hear a sound wave in order to connect to mobicam?

Make sure your phone volume is at max. while sending sound wave. Ensure that your phone is not set to silent and that your media/playback volume is turned up.

My Camera is connected but it stops before it loads, Is my camera still connected in that case?

Yes, you are still connected as long as you can see the added camera in the APP. sometimes the internet connection is not strong enough, so it is suggested to close the APP and reopen to be able to view the camera.

How to reset the camera, as i have difficulties connecting?

If you have difficulties connecting, it is recommended to reset the camera and start all over. There is a small reset pin hole is in the left side of the camera as indicated in the instruction manual with help of a picture.

Do i have to buy a sd card separately?

Yes, the camera is compatible with up to 32 GB of micro SD cards which is not included.

Why can I hear audio through the CAMERA, but i can’t hear audio on my phone APP?

You need to turn on the speaker while viewing the camera and turn up the volume in your phone so that you can hear the voice from both sides. Ensure that your phone is not set to silent and that your media/playback volume is turned up.

How can i mount this camera in a baby’s room?

MobiCam HDX comes with a white wall mount. It can be mounted on the ceiling and the image flipped from the APP by clicking on camera settings and Image flip.

How to upgrade mobicam software?

To receive the most upgraded software for MobiCam, it is recommended to sign-up for our newsletter under with the product model number to receive software updates with instruction.

Can the USB cord be extended?

Yes, the USB cord can be extended by using a USB extension cord (sold separately).